180 minutes @ KHaL!SHRINE

Season IV

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Tags: Experimental art videos house-electronica-dance sound art open mic slide show party lounge- alternative wine-tobacco
Published: 22-09-2015

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180 minutes @ KHaL!SHRINE IV art/wine/coffee/tobacco quarterly scheduled for Saturday, September 22nd will focus on five (05) female video/media artists from Africa and the global south; Rehema Chachage (Tanzania),Erin Bosenberg (Canada/South Africa), Justine Gaga(Cameroon), Laura Nsengiyumva (Rwanda), Meghna Singh(India) Video and new media works will be viewed in exhibition space 1 (Main exhibition hall) and on rear projection screens in the courtyard.

The event will commence with a live DJ set showcasing Jahel MineliH, a Cameroonian poet and sound composer who intends to share his ongoing musical project “ethnophony”; an electro-acoustic project that employs cord instruments fromthe Kora to the mvet with patches of guitar that sits on an impressive backdrop of African percursions and sound scapes.

The media room (close to main exhibition space 1) will host a playlist from previous editions with art videos from amazing artists that have contributed much to the young new media art scene in Yaounde over the past nine (09) months. We are grateful to these artists:

  • Angela Ramirez (Colombia)
  • Brent Meistre (South Africa)
  • Emeka Ogboh (Nigeria)
  • Jelili Atiku (Nigeria)
  • Ndoumbe Ewane (Cameroon)
  • Emkal Eyongakpa (Cameroon)
  • Lasco (Cameroon)
  • Reza Salie (South Africa)

The exhibition space II (extended facility) will host a photography slide show from home based photographers like SenturyYob, Aimay Menoba, Stone Karim Mohamad amongst others. Like in previous editions, there will be wine, coffee, tobacco to accompany the routine poetry & jam sessions. We will like to thank the art community and our friends for their support.