The GoDown Arts Centre

Place: Kenya

Focus: Public Art, Exhibitions, Biennales and Festivals, Workshops, Masterclasses, Artist Studios, Residencies

Established in 2003, The GoDown Arts Centre has contributed significantly to the growth, recognition and visibility of local artists by fostering and facilitating collaborations and encounters between artists from different disciplines and the community. The arts centre on Dunga road hosts ten autonomous creative organizations and 15-20 visual artists in residence. The GoDown’s interventions mainly focus on building capacity for artists and developing platforms for critical dialogue and strategic convenings targeted towards tackling important aspects in the arts sector – which include the Creative Economy, the local policy environment and training for practitioners. We also create platforms where artists can showcase their work – concerts, exhibitions, festivals.

KAS (Kin Art Studio)

Place: DRC

Focus: Residencies, Exhibitions, Video, Masterclasses, Artist Studios, Archives, Research, Knowledge, Critique, Public Art, Biennales and Festivals, Multimedia, Curatorial Practice, Art Centre, Library, Talks and Discussions, Workshops

KAS/Kin ArtStudio project Is a cultural, non–profit Organization, was founded in 2010, by the congolese visual artist, Mwilambwe Bondo, KAS is an artist initiative serves as a laboratory for developing talent on an national and an international level. which favors the creation or the innovation in the field of visual arts and other forms of contemporary artistic expressions in Kinshasa, DRCongo, in Africa and in the World.

Nafasi Art Space

Place: Tanzania

Focus: Residencies, Exhibitions, Masterclasses, Workshops, Artist Studios, Public Art, Biennales and Festivals, Art Centre, Library, Talks and Discussions

Nafasi Art Space is a young cultural centre in Tanzania, set up to improve the visual arts in the country. We have 15 artists working in 11 studios on a large industrial plot in Dar es Salaam, as painters, designers, illustrators and sculptors. Nafasi Art Space, started in 2007 as a Non-Governmental Organisation with support from the Danish Centre for Cultural and Development (DCCD). In a little over a year Nafasi became a vibrant place in Dar es Salaam, where artists work and the public can experience art.

Aria Projects

Place: Algeria

Focus: Residencies, Exhibitions, Masterclasses, Workshops, Education, Research, Knowledge, Critique, Talks and Discussions, Art Commissions

Aria (artist residency in algiers) was founded by artist Zineb Sedira in 2011. Aria strives to develop cross-border dialogues as well as expanding a dynamic network across diverse international art communities within and beyond Algeria. Through residency, commissioning and exhibitions programmes, aria provides opportunities for emerging and established artists from North Africa and across the world to conduct artistic and cultural research and production. Aria collaborates and partners with other institutions and exhibition spaces to give more exposure to Algerian artists and to project a positive awareness and visibility of Algeria and its surroundings to global audiences.

Voices In Color

Place: Zimbabwe

Focus: Residencies, Exhibitions, Masterclasses, Workshops, Education, Talks and Discussions, Artist Studios, Research, Critique, Public Art

Voices in Colour is an arts organization set up 2011. The mission is to connect contemporary cultures and initiatives through creative platforms of exhibitions, residencies and workshops. VIC emphasizes the need for contemporary tertiary art education in the S.A.D.C and professionalization of the arts sector. VIC also creates a platform for creative collaborations.

Bag Factory

Place: South Africa

Focus: Artist Studios, Exhibitions, Workshops, Residencies, Masterclasses, Education, Knowledge, Curatorial Practice, Art Centre, Talks and Discussions, Art and Technology, Printmaking.

The Bag Factory is a leading visual-arts non-profit based in Newtown, Johannesburg. The organization was founded in 1991 and has been a hub for creative visual-arts talents from South Africa since then. Through its very successful visiting artists and mentorship programmes, it has kept local artists in touch with the rest of the world.


Place: South Africa

Focus: Residencies, Exhibitions, Video, Masterclasses, Education, Archives, Research, Knowledge, Critique, Public Art, Writing, Publishing, Multimedia, Curatorial Practice, Radio, Talks and Discussions

SPARCK – Space for Pan-African Research, Creation and Knowledge – is a multi-sited, multiple-platform project that spans the African continent and its diasporas. SPARCK directed by Kadiatou Diallo and Dominique Malaquais, a two-woman activist / artist / scholar team. At the heart of the project are emphatically unconventional creators’ residencies, workshops, performances, publications, exhibits, films and film-showings, conferences, blogs and interventions in public space – as many and as often as time and place will allow. The project is network-driven, fluid and wide, wide open