Experimental projects

Sober & Lonely

Place: South Africa

Focus: Events, Talks and Discussions, Experimental Projects

Sober & Lonely is a wandering artist-run platform, organising various projects and residencies for both local and international artists. In 2014 S&L moved (along with a 1968 fold-up caravan) to a semi-permanent home base in Melville – a suburb just west of the Johannesburg CBD. S&Ls most current project, the Sober & Lonely Library for Science Fiction & Feminism & Misc., is housed in a secret cupboard at the Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA).

Centre d’art Waza

Place: DRC

– Centre d’art Waza is an independent art space based in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. Established in 2010, Waza provides resources for artists and cultural practitioners of all disciplines to develop critical thinking through artistic research, exchange with local communities and international art professionals. Waza develops projects at the intersection of art, research and social engagement and has been working for years on complex issues such as the restitution of cultural property and paradigm shifts in donor relations.

Focus: Biennales and Festivals, Workshops, Writing, Publishing, Research, Public Art, Photography, Video, Talks and Discussions, Workshops, Residencies, Curatorial Practice, Exhibitions, Art Centre, Knowledge