Language: English

ISIVIVANE: Journal of Letters and Arts in Africa and the Diaspora

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, South Africa

10th International Book Fair of Radical Black and Third World Books

1992 -1999

Contributors: Dr. Ntongela Masilela; Keith Gottschalk; Vusi Thusi; David Tafaney Gweshe; Cullen Maiden; Prof. Dr. Dennis Brutus; Itumeleng Wathusi; Pierette Herzberger- Fofana; May Opitz; Monika Idehen; Mrs. Widad Kawar; Essop Patel; William Tanifeany; Dr. Christian Neugebauer .

Tags: African philosophy Black Music and Dance African Art

Isivivane: journal of letters and arts in Africa and the diaspora was established as a platform to exchange ideas, thoughts, writings, poetry and art. The third edition published in January 1991 demonstrates ‘a spin-off of a networking approach’, which took a radical stance (in terms of its contributions) against capitalist and fascist ideologies towards the creative arts. It includes interviews from black dancers and musicians in the U.S.A., South Africa, Zimbabwe and Germany. It presents critical reports, essays and topics pertaining to African philosophy, forums of exchange and the market place. The book reviews as well as the culture and marketplace reports formulate a compact compilation of stimulating perspectives, debates and thoughts.

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