Place: South Africa

Focus: Residencies, Exhibitions, Workshops, Knowledge, Critique, Public Art, Writing, Biennales and Festivals, Multimedia, Talks and Discussions, Architecture

Dala (a verb meaning to make/create in isiZulu) is an interdisciplinary creative collective that believes in the transformative role of creativity in building safer and more liveable cities. dala emerged as a response to the growing need for a sustainable space for creative practitioners actively engaging in the production of art/architecture for social change in eThekwini. Dala believes that sustainable change can only happen through democratic participation and collaboration. dala therefore facilitates creative initiatives between creative practitioners from a variety of backgrounds (artists, architects, researchers, performers, urban planners, designers), the municipality and most importantly the people and organisations that live and work within and around the city. Dala’s initiatives all revolve around re-imagining the use and expression in and of public space.